CERN Accelerating science

Communicating Science

by Cristina Martin Perez

 How did you decide to apply for the summer student programme?

I decided to apply for the summer student programme when I first heard a friend saying that her stay here had been the best time of her life. I've always looked forward to working in these kind of institutions where science overcomes cultural differences and there is such a confortable working atmosphere. For sure the reality is even better of what I had thought. Not to mention the incredible state-of-the-art infrastructure that is going on here. I can't imagine a better place to work in!

What is your previous background? 

I studied Journalism and Media Communication a few years ago. A few years later I developed an enormous passion for physics that led me to start the bachelor. I started to get interested in quantum mechanics and particle physics little time afterwards. I hadn't been at CERN before, but was pretty informed about what was going on here. For me being here is a complete dream. 

Tell us a few words about your project.

I am working in CMG group (CMS). My main project is to collaborate with the TLEP design group. It is one of the priority projects for the future at CERN. The CMG group is in the forefront of feasibility and physics reach studies for TLEP, and it is also acting as clustering seed for new potential collaborators. My summer student project is focussed on both internal and external communication, more specificly focused in web design. 

Would you like to spend more time at CERN continuing with your research? 

Spending more time at CERN would be my idea of heaven :) I have applied for the Technical Student Programme for next october, especialized in science communication... I'm crossing my fingers!

Did you have time to visit/travel outside CERN? 

I have been travelling through Switzerland quite a bit. I have been to Lausanne, Montreux and Neuchatel. I really look forward to visiting Interlaken and some small magic villages in France, as well as Mont Blanc. I can't think of any better plan than travelling through such a pretty country with good company. 

From my time as a summer student at CERN I will certainly remember...

The amount of wonderfull people I am meeting here, for sure




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