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EP-DT group presents the 2015 annual report

by Mar Capeans and Paolo Martinengo

The EP-DT group has published its Annual Report where key activities throughout 2015 are described as well as a wider description of how the group is organized and interacts with the experimental community.

The mandate of the EP-DT group covers development, construction, operation and maintenance of particle detectors for the experiments at CERN. The group is engaged in several detector projects for LHC and non-LHC experiments. Specific partnerships for LHC Phase 1 and 2 detector upgrades have been settled with CERN teams, in particular with ALICE and LHCb, where DT supports several challenging detector upgrade projects. Agreements for engineering and detector prototyping support for the ATLAS and CMS Phase 2 detectors have started and will significantly ramp up in 2016. Mechanical and engineering support to CLOUD, AEgIS, NA62 and CAST, where DT staff plays important coordination roles, has also been an important part of the work. The group also pursues R&D on detector technologies and detector infrastructure systems for the interest of the overall HEP community.

A description of the efforts and achievements of 2015 can be found at


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