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A word from the Head of the EP department - September 2016

by Manfred Krammer

Dear Colleagues, Members of the EP Department and CERN Users,

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the EP Newsletter this year. Many of you have certainly followed the ICHEP 2016 conference, either in Chicago directly or from remote. An amazing wealth of results have been shown, notably but not only by the LHC experiments. These results in many areas of our field should comfort us over the disappointment of the disappearance of the “bump”. The LHC is and will remain for a long time the only machine on earth where we can study the heaviest objects of the Standard Model. The accelerator and the excellent experiments will allow us to explore and test with increasing precision the electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism, heavy quark physics and the Higgs particle, to name only a few physics topics, for many years to come.

Further in this newsletter is the announcement of a new group in the Experimental Physics Department. EP-NU, the Neutrino Group has become the 12th group in EP as of September 1st. As the interim Group Leader I will make sure that the activities of this group will be well integrated in the department and that a close connection is built with the Neutrino Platform and the activities in the CERN Theory Department.

Enjoy reading this newsletter and take your time to read about experiments at the Antiproton Decelerator, a summary from the Physics Beyond Collider Workshop, the latest news from SESAME, an inspiring interview with Guido Tonelli, etc., etc.


With best regards,

Manfred Krammer

EP Department Head


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