CERN Accelerating science


An interview with Nobel Laureate Adam Riess

by Panos Charitos

In discussion with Nobel Laureate Adam Riess about the discovery of the accelerated expansion of the Universe; one of the most dramatic moments in the physics of the 21st century. 

Exploring the ROOT(s)

Interview with René BRUN

by Panos Charitos

René BRUN talks about the difficulties and the rewarding moments of a long-established carreer at CERN and shares his thoughts with the new generation of software developers. 

Q&A: Krishna Rajagopal

by Panos Charitos

An Interview with Krishna Rajagopal, Professor and Associate Head for Education, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Physics.

Discussing with Maria Borge and Yacine Kadi

Meeting the challenges of the High-Energy ISOLDE!

by Panos Charitos

Maria Borge (ISOLDE's spokesperson) and Yacine Kadi (project leader of the HIE-ISOLDE) discuss the importance of reaching a higher energy regime with the HIE-ISOLDE and the technical challenges of this project