CERN Accelerating science

August 2013 issue

Editorial - August 2013

by Philippe Bloch

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that most of you were able to find the time for a well-deserved break during this Summer.

This edition of the Newsletter is devoted mostly to several aspects of the training offered to students and young researchers in a wide international context. Training is one of the main missions of CERN.  Furthermore, the training programs are an essential ingredient towards the geographical enlargement of CERN and towards promoting broad interest in our science all over the world.

EPLANET was launched in 2009 and is the continuation of the HELEN program, which was the first organized effort to promote the collaboration between European and Latin American High Energy Physicists. The two programmes fostered the collaboration between the European and Latin American HEP community...

EPLANET - Meet some of the participants

by Panos Charitos

Five Latin - Americal physicists who recently visited CERN as part of the EPLANET programme are sharing their views...

Luciano Maiani and Veronica Riquer remember the first steps of setting up HELEN and EPLANET and share their thoughts for the future...

Summer Student at CERN: An amazing opportunity

by Jessica Elevant

How did you decide to apply for the summer student programme?

Hans Danielsson who works at CERN had a presentation during my third year at my university and meantioned this program. I had already thought about applying as a technical student for my master thesis. So when I heard about this I figured it could be a good way of learning more about CERN and what types of positions they have.

What is your previous background? 

CERN Summer Students: A summer to remember!

by Panos Charitos

In 2013, CERN welcomed 276 undergraduate students of physics, computing and engineering, with 236 enrolling in the PH Department.

CERN Schools of High-Energy Physics

by Nick Ellis and Martijn Mulders

Each year CERN organizes HEP Schools that offer junior researchers the chance to learn more about recent developments in the field...

The SFT group participates in 2013 Google Summer of Code following a succesfull application earlier this spring...

Interview with John Ellis

by P. Charitos

Summer students talk to theorist John Ellis about physics, philosophy, and 'Eureka' moments.

The theory of scattering amplitudes has seen rapid progress over recent years, with development on many fronts, often driven by the huge success in applying on-shell methods. The Insitute allowed experts to meet and develop their ideas on the field.

Antimatter Event with Rolf Landua: Everything you wanted to ask.

by Julia Gonski and Cristina Martin Perez

 Following an event organized by LeClub Association on 21st of July at CERN, aiming to clarify the truth and false of antimatter and its production, summer students met and discussed with Rolf Landua...

CERN Open Days are fast approaching

by Panos Charitos

CERN opens its doors to the general public September 28th - 29th. Many laboratories and points of interest will be open while visitors will be able to go down into the underground areas of the LHC, including the spectacular caverns where the experiments are housed. Volunteers are the key to success...

A world map of PH Summer Students 2013.

by Panos Charitos

 CERN Summer Students 2013 ask: "What's the matter".