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Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you have found time for a relaxing summer break with your family or friends....

CERN as seen by a young scientist

by Sophie Redford

Inspired by the event at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris that celebrated the anniversary of the signature of the CERN convention, Sophie Redford wrote about her impressions on joining CERN as a young researcher.

10th PATRAS Workshop on Axions, WIMPs and WISPs

by Panos Charitos

The 10th version of the PATRAS Workshop was organized at CERN earlier this summer covering  ongoing searchers for dark matter, dark energy, neutrino physics and astrophysical observations.

CERN prepares beam line for schools

by Cian O'Luanaigh

CERN scientists prepare the setup to welcome the winners of the firs beam line for schools competition.

DAMPE comes to CERN before going to Space

by Xin Wu, University of Geneva

The DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) is a scientific satellite mission funded by the Chinese Academy of Science. It is scheduled to be launched in late 2015 and aims to contribute in Dark Matter searches.

Gabriele Veneziano, is one of the three recipients of this year's Dirac Medal for his contribution to the development of string theory.

Last July, the “S’cool Lab” was inaugurated, a space where teachers and students will be able to perform small experiments. Inauguration of the Synchrocyclotron exhibition

ALICE uses the T10 line to test its detectors

by Arturo Tauro & Panos Charitos

After a long shutdown period, the PS has finally been put into operation and ALICE is making extensive use of it in the East Area as it prepares for the Phase 1 upgrade of its detectors.

Commissioning started at the end of June and the first beams were delivered on schedule to several experiments.

The organizers of the 2014 Summer Student Programme prepared a rich and diverse programme of activities, offering the students an unforgettable summer experience.