CERN Accelerating science

Dear Colleagues,

Just a couple of days from the Christmas break, it is with pride and satisfaction that I look back on 2014, marked by your intense work in all areas of the department...

SFT Activities during 2014

by John Harvey

The SFT team has worked closely throughout the year with software experts to prepare the software used for analysis and data processing.

2014: A busy year for the ESE group

by Philippe Farthouat

ESE has three families of activities: services, developments and/or maintenance for specific experiments or projects and developments of components of general interest and in 2014 important progress has been made on all fronts.

A successful year for the PH-DT group

by Mar Capeans Garrido

In 2014 DT has been engaged in an extensive programme, supporting and finalizing the consolidation and maintenance work for various experiments at CERN, as well as for the users community. This year was equally difficult and successful.

ATLAS: Preparing for LHC Run2

by Beniamino Di Girolamo, Technical Coordinator of the ATLAS Collaboration

The ATLAS teams are wrapping things up and prepare for Run 2, as Long Shutdown 1 is coming to an end. The collaboration has made major upgrades to increase the efficiency, safety, and environmental impact of the detector; 2014 was a really busy year.

LHCb gears up for Run2

by Rolf Lindner: Technical Coordinator, LHCb experiment

It is now 18 months that LHCb has not seen any particle beam passing through the experimental area, and the collaboration is eagerly waiting for the start-up of Run II in spring 2015.

ALICE looking into the future

by Werner Riegler, ALICE Experiment Technical Coordinator

 It has been a long road for the ALICE LS1 team that now focuses on re-commissioning and calibration of the detector before the start of Run 2

CMS: LS1 – A Short Summary and an Outlook to the Endgame

by Wolfram Zeuner, CMS Deputy Technical Coordinator

Following a long programme of upgrades and improvements, CMS will be perfectly prepared for the exciting times ahead of us, with the LHC providing collisions of unprecedented energy and luminosity.

TOTEM Setting Out towards New Discovery Horizons

by V. Avati, J. Baechler, M. Deile and S. Giani for the TOTEM experiment

TOTEM is looking back on a busy year marked on one hand by Run-1 data analysis and on the other hand by a major consolidation and upgrade of its Roman Pot system.

TH group looks forward to 2015

by Wolfgang Lerche

The members of the TH group look forward to 2015, a very interesting year for theorists, as the new run of the LHC will allow higher precision measurements and potentially find first hints about physics beyond the Standard Model.

CERN 60: Public Computing Challenge

by Panos Charitos

 A new web-based volunteer computing platform  was launched in the framework of CERN’s 60th anniversary, allowing volunteers to simulating events from the experiments