CERN Accelerating science

In a recent heavy-ion forum at CERN, Constantino Tsallis discussed the applications of the Tsallis statistics in complex systems such as those emerging in high energy collisions at the LHC.

Following the recent FCC Kick-off meeting we asked Michelangelo Mangano to share his thoughts about the importance of the FCC project and future prospects

During the FCC kick-off meeting a study for an electron-positron ring collider has been presented with TLEP as a possible intermediate step.

The physics case and potential of a 100 TeV proton-proton collider (FCC-hh) has been discussed during the recent FCC kick-off meeting

Recently, the FCC study was launched at CERN and again the idea of synchronous hadron-hadron and hadron-lepton operation and physics analysis is under study

Why is physics beautiful?

by Ugo Amaldi

Ugo Amaldi, a major player in both the beautiful and the useful aspects of physics, delivered a lecture addressing the above question at the ICTR-PHE2014 conference. We asked him to share his thoughts on this intriguing question

The ICTR-PHE 2014 conference, which took place in Geneva from 10 to 14 February, affirmed the alliance of the physics, biology and medical communities.


 The 2014 Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High-Energy Physics wil take place from 4-17 November in Puri, India.

  Public lecture: "Science and society: the impact of fundamental physics on medicine" by Ugo Amaldi.

CERN is a great place for scientists to develop cutting-edge technologies in order to explore the frontiers of human knowledge but also a source of inspiration for modern artists.

Virtual Atom Smasher is an upcoming educational platform, which will give the chance to thousands of users around the world to contribute to the scientific discoveries at CERN without any prior knowledge of particle physics.