CERN Accelerating science

Editorial - March 2015

by Livio Mapelli

Dear Colleagues,

Excitement is building as the restart of the LHC approaches, with first beam interactions seen during injection tests...

In a series of articles we will introduce the Run Coordinators of the LHC experiments and discuss the challenges presented by the upcoming run of the LHC. 

Injection tests make a splash

by Paola Catapano

On Saturday 7 March, two of the LHC experiments saw proton beams for the first time after a two-year stop

CERN's strategy for neutrino physics

by Panos Charitos

The understanding of the neutrino sector is a worldwide priority, promising physics beyond the Standard Model in a unified theoretical framework that goes from the electroweak scale to the highest energy scales.

COMPASS paves the way to new discoveries

by Panos Charitos

COMPASS experiment recently reported a key measurement on the strong interaction following a long preparatory phase and exhausting data analysis.

NA61/SHINE sheds light on strong Interactions

by Marek Gazdzicki

The NA61/SHINE programme passed some important milestones over the past several months. Marek Gazdzicki gives an overview of recent results and highlights future the steps.

Accelerating Argon Ions at the SPS

by Panos Charitos

This year, the SPS accelerated argon ions for the first time, delivering beam to the NA61/SHINE experiment in the North Area. 

ISOLDE offers safety training courses

by Panos Charitos

ISOLDE offers to its users a number of tailored courses in electrical safety and raditation protection in close collaboration with the HSE unit, the DGS-RP group and PH's Departmental Safety Officer.

Big Science: What's it Worth?

by Panos Charitos

The "Big Science: What's it Worth?" report offers a useful read both for scientists but also for those involved in outreach activities or actively involved in policy-making in fundamental research.

New website for TH division

by Gavin Salam (with input from Wolfgang Lerche and Elena Gianolio)

TH Unit launches a new website following a year of consultation, design and programming. 

IdeaSquare is the name of a project designed to nurture innovation at CERN, aiming in bringing together researchers, engineers, people from industry and young students and encourage them to come up with new ideas that are useful for societ

The visit to the new safety training centre gave the chance to emphasize that safety is an important aspect of CERN activities and acknowledge the work done to respond to the demands made by a number of stakeholders