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ALICE experiment

Jürgen Schukraft has been recently awarded the Niels Bohr Institute’s Honorary Medal for his outstanding career in heavy-ion physics and his role as spokesperson of the ALICE experiment.

ALICE upgrade plans

by Panos Charitos

The ALICE experiment prepares upgrades of several subsystems and the online–offline system for data acquisition and processing during the Long Shutdown 2 of the LHC to cope with the new conditions.

A successful heavy-ion campaign for ALICE

by Virginia Greco and Grazia Luparello (ALICE Collaboration)

The last two weeks of data taking have been particularly important for ALICE

New ALICE results presented at the 17th edition of the International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter (SQM) in Utrecht in July.

New LHC results presented at EPS-HEP 2017

by Panos Charitos

In July, more than 700 physicists gathered in Venice to discuss the latest developments in the field of particle physics at EPS 2017, one of the most important international conferences of the field.

Strangess enhancement observed in proton collisions

by ALICE Collaboration

The ALICE experiment reports first signs for strangeness enhancement in proton collisions 

A wealth of new results from the LHC experiments was presented in the 52 edition of the Moriond conference. 

Wealth of new results in Quark Matter 2017

by Panos Charitos

Last month, the LHC experiment collaborations presented their latest results at the Quark Matter 2017 conference on how matter behaved in the very early moments of the universe.

The period of the year when ALICE plays the leading role at LHC has finally arrived: after smashing protons for months, the LHC accelerated lead ions on November 7th and continued until the winter shut-down. 

Thanks to the outstanding performances of the LHC, the experiments presented a wealth of new results in ICHEP2016.



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