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ATLAS experiment

 LHC experiments have released a portion of its data to the public for use in education and outreach as part of CERN's policy of openness.

LS1 Upgrade of the ATLAS Level-1 Central Trigger Processor

by Thilo Pauly on behalf of the ATLAS Level-1 Central Trigger Team

Thilo Pauly reviews an important upgrade of the ATLAS CTP that included the redesign and rebuilding of its electronic components. 

In the previous issue of the PH Newsletter, we introduced the Run Coordinators of CMS, LHCf, and ALICE. This time, we will get to know the Run Coordinators of ATLAS, TOTEM, and LHCb, who talk about their work and the challenges that they have to face.

ATLAS: Preparing for LHC Run2

by Beniamino Di Girolamo, Technical Coordinator of the ATLAS Collaboration

The ATLAS teams are wrapping things up and prepare for Run 2, as Long Shutdown 1 is coming to an end. The collaboration has made major upgrades to increase the efficiency, safety, and environmental impact of the detector; 2014 was a really busy year.

ATLAS micromegas detectors tested in T9

by Paolo Iengo & Panos Charitos

To meet the requirements of the upcoming upgrade, prototypes of the ATLAS micromegas detectors have been built and are currently tested using the T9 beam of the PS

ATLAS and LHCb evacuation exercises

by Panos Charitos

Earlier this summer, evacuation exercises took place for the first time in LHCb and ATLAS as part of CERN's continuous effort to improve even more the safety standards. 

RD53: Development of pixel readout integrated circuits for extreme rate and radiation.

by Jorgen Christiansen and Mauricio Garcia-Scriveres on behalf of the RD53 Collaboration

The recently formed RD53 collaboration will address the challenges of phase 2 pixel detector upgrades of ATLAS and CMS as well as long-term challenges for LCD.

ATLAS LS1 considerations

by Beniamino Di Girolamo on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration

ATLAS Technical Coordinator discusses some of the important operations and improvements that were completed in 2013.

Entretien avec Peter Jenni

by Panos Charitos

Peter Jenni a commencé très jeune à s’intéresser à la physique. Il avait toujours aimé lire des textes de vulgarisation sur le sujet, même s’il n’avait pas été très motivé par son professeur de physique du secondaire. Il lui sembla naturel d'opter pour des études de physique, en se concentrant sur la physique expérimentale ainsi que l'astronomie et les mathématiques. Il devait obtenir ainsi une licence à l’Université de Berne, avant d'entreprendre un doctorat à l'École polytechnique fédérale de Zurich.

Interview with Peter Jenni

by Panos Charitos

An interview with Peter Jenni, former spokesperson of the ATLAS Experiments about the challenges and the most pleasing moments following a long-standing career in HEP. 



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