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LHCb experiment

LHCb test beam programme

by Heinrich Schindler

The LHCb test beam programme is motivated by the upgrade of the experiment scheduled for installation in 2018/19.

ATLAS and LHCb evacuation exercises

by Panos Charitos

Earlier this summer, evacuation exercises took place for the first time in LHCb and ATLAS as part of CERN's continuous effort to improve even more the safety standards. 

The LHCb Upgrade

by Andreas Schopper

The upgrade of the LHCb subdetector and trigger system is necessary to increase the statistical precision and reach the level of uncertainty of theoretical predictions. 

LS1: A special opportunity for LHCb

by Rolf Lindner on behalf of the LHCb Collaboration

LHCb is undergoing an extensive programme of consolidation and maintenance work during the LS1