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CAST: from Solar to Dark Matter Axions searches

by Marios Maroudas (University of Patras), Yannis Semertzidis (Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research, IBS)

CAST prepares to leap further into the dark sector following successful installation of new resonant microwave cavities.

Following six successful years of operation, the AMS-02 experiment at the ISS recently successfuly performed a major upgrade, thus extending its lifetime and giving us more data to test theories for new physics.


Finding the best candidates for atomic EDM searches

by Peter Butler & Liam Gaffney (University of Liverpool), Joonas Konki (CERN)

Using the HIE-ISOLDE accelerator, researchers concluded that radon atoms provide less favourable conditions for the enhancement of a measurable atomic EDM than radium.


BASE probes antimatter - dark matter interaction

by Panagiotis Charitos

BASE experiment publishes first results from a direct search for the interacton between dark matter and antimatter, demonstrating the versatility of the experimental setup and paving the way for future measurements.

Shining more light on the onset of deconfinement

by Maciej P. Lewicki and Ludwik Turko (University of Wrocław) on behalf of the NA61/SHINE Collaboration

Latest results from the NA61/SHINE experiment contribute to the quest for understanding the phases of strongly interacting matter while the collaboration plans the next steps.

NA62 experiment presents new results

by Cristina Lazzeroni (NA62 Spokesperson, University of Birmingham)

NA62 experiment presents the latest result on the search for the ultra-rare kaon decay to a pion and a neutrino–antineutrino pair with 2017 data.

COMPASS results guiding future exploration of hadron structure in CERN’s North Area.

by Oleg Denisov (INFN), Wolf-Dieter Nowak (DESY), Fulvio Tessarotto (INFN) on behalf of the COMPASS collaboration

COMPASS Collaboration has published a wealth of new results over the past four years elucidating the nucleon’s internal structure and paving the way for future measurements.

LHCf sheds light on hadronic interaction models

by L. Bonechi (INFN Florence) and H. Menjo (Nagoya University)

The LHCf experiments prepares for measurements during LHC Run 3 that will shade light on the physics of hadronic interactions of Cosmic Rays with atmosphere and improve current models.

Nuclear Physics Meets Neutrinos

by Laura Fields (Fermilab)

NA61/SHINE has executed a program of measurements aimed at improving neutrino flux predictions in Fermilab’s neutrino beams

Baby MIND prepares for first physics run with WAGASCI at T2K

by Etam Noah (University of Geneva)

Baby MIND has successfully been installed in Japan to start the experimental endeavour it has been designed and built for.