CERN Accelerating science

Small and medium experiments group

Measurements by the BASE experiment have compared the same properties of protons and antiprotons to high precision while the ALICE collaboration has measured the difference between mass-to-charge ratios for deuterons and antideuterons, as well as for helium-3  and antihelium-3 nuclei.

TOTEM experiment upgrade

by Nicola Turini

The Totem experiment has shown with recent data that in collaboration with CMS is possible to enlarge the original physics program in the diffractive proton interaction field. To deal with this new requirement new detectors have been developed and will be installed soon. 

ISOLDE: New access to study dilute rare earth doped materials

by Haraldur Pall Gunnlaugsson on behalf of The Mössbauer group at ISOLDE/CERN

For the first time at ISOLDE 151Eu emission MS has been achieved paving new ways in biophysics and a wide range of photonic applications such as photovoltaics, sensors, fluorescent bio-labels, fibre-optic communications and more.

AMS Days at CERN

by Panos Charitos

AMSdays‬ : experiments present the latest results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS)

Two distinctions for ISOLDE scientists

by Panos Charitos

Two ISOLDE scientists have received prestigious awards this year for their research in the field of nuclear and particle physics.

NA62 Experiment records first data

by Panos Charitos

Over the last weeks, while everyone has been excited with the restart of LHC, the NA62 experiment at CERN has already started producing the first data, following the circulation of the first beams in the acceleration chain.

NA61/SHINE sheds light on strong Interactions

by Marek Gazdzicki

The NA61/SHINE programme passed some important milestones over the past several months. Marek Gazdzicki gives an overview of recent results and highlights future the steps.

ISOLDE offers safety training courses

by Panos Charitos

ISOLDE offers to its users a number of tailored courses in electrical safety and raditation protection in close collaboration with the HSE unit, the DGS-RP group and PH's Departmental Safety Officer.

Accelerating Argon Ions at the SPS

by Panos Charitos

This year, the SPS accelerated argon ions for the first time, delivering beam to the NA61/SHINE experiment in the North Area. 

ERC rewards CERN researchers

by Rosaria Marraffino

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded starting grants to Magdalena Kowalska, a member of the ISOLDE physics team, and Claude Duhr, CERN Theory Division. The funding will enable them to build their own research teams at CERN, engaging postdocs and PhD students.



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