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Two distinctions for ISOLDE scientists

by Panos Charitos

Two ISOLDE scientists have received prestigious awards this year for their research in the field of nuclear and particle physics.

NA62 Experiment records first data

by Panos Charitos

Over the last weeks, while everyone has been excited with the restart of LHC, the NA62 experiment at CERN has already started producing the first data, following the circulation of the first beams in the acceleration chain.

NA61/SHINE sheds light on strong Interactions

by Marek Gazdzicki

The NA61/SHINE programme passed some important milestones over the past several months. Marek Gazdzicki gives an overview of recent results and highlights future the steps.

ISOLDE offers safety training courses

by Panos Charitos

ISOLDE offers to its users a number of tailored courses in electrical safety and raditation protection in close collaboration with the HSE unit, the DGS-RP group and PH's Departmental Safety Officer.

Accelerating Argon Ions at the SPS

by Panos Charitos

This year, the SPS accelerated argon ions for the first time, delivering beam to the NA61/SHINE experiment in the North Area. 

ERC rewards CERN researchers

by Rosaria Marraffino

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded starting grants to Magdalena Kowalska, a member of the ISOLDE physics team, and Claude Duhr, CERN Theory Division. The funding will enable them to build their own research teams at CERN, engaging postdocs and PhD students.

Celebrating ISOLDE's 50th anniversary

by Panos Charitos

ISOLDE's Workshop and Users meeting "50th Anniversary Edition" took place at CERN from 15th to 17th December 2014.

Final tests for the LHCf detector

by Yoshitaka Itow

The LHCf experiment has recently performed a very successful test beam.

CLOUD restarts experiments

by Hamish Gordon

Earlier this September, CLOUD restarted experiments following the end of LS1 for the PS/SPS accelerator complex.

NA62 joins the search for new physics at CERN

by Ferdinand Hahn

After the long-shut down the SPS accelerator restarted in the beginning of October along with the NA62 experiment.



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