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Detector technologies

An amazing year for the DT group

by Mar Capeans Carrido

2016 has been a great year for the DT group, tjhat provides centralized resources and expertise in terms of personnel and facilities, for the development of future detector technologies and for contributing to detector construction projects.

EP-DT group presents the 2015 annual report

by Mar Capeans and Paolo Martinengo

The EP-DT group has published its Annual Report, which describes its key activities throughout 2015 as well as how the group is organized and interacts with the experimental community.

To reduce CERNs impact on the environment the EP-DT group is working on improving the efficiency of the gas usage in the LHC experiments and on the development of new more environmentally friendly gases for future detectors.

The Straw Detector in the NA62 Experiment

by Hans Danielsson

In NA62, the straw tracker is designed to measure the momentum and direction of charged tracks.The design of the NA62 straw tracker was driven by the requirement of low multiple scattering and high efficiency over the full acceptance. 

The run 2015 for the PH-DT Irradiation Facilities has begun!

by Federico Ravotti & Maurice Glaser

After the successful completion of the short run 2014 and a few months of shutdown for maintenance and upgrade, the new East Area Irradiation Facility is back in business since the end of April 2015...

A successful year for the PH-DT group

by Mar Capeans Garrido

In 2014 DT has been engaged in an extensive programme, supporting and finalizing the consolidation and maintenance work for various experiments at CERN, as well as for the users community. This year was equally difficult and successful.

First beams for the new East Area Irradiation Facility

by Federico Ravotti & Maurice Glaser

In October, the new East Area Irradiation Facility received the primary 24 GeV/c proton beam slow-extracted from the PS.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

by Thomas Schneider & Panos Charitos

The  mirrors for the NA62 RICH have been successfully coated in the Thin Film and Glass (TFG) lab and are now installed as the collaboration is preparing for the first physics run. 

PH-DT presents its 2013 annual report

by Mar Capeans Garrido

The PH Detector Technology (DT) group presented its key activities throughout 2013 in the recently published annual report. 

New straw tracker for the NA62 experiment

by Panos Charitos

The PH-DT group recently completed the construction of the straw chambers for the NA62 tracking detector.