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SoFTware development for experiments group

End of year activities in SFT group

by G. Cosmo, G.Ganis, S. Gleyzer, J.Harvey, A. Naumann

The end of year is traditionally the time when SFT makes new releases of our main software products. It is a very busy time with everyone working energetically to meet various deadlines. All last minute changes and fixes need to be integrated and run through extensive checks to ensure that quality of the performance of the code.

SFT participates for fifth year in Google's Summer of Code programme

by Lorenzo Moneta & Sandro Christian Wenzel

This year, 14 students have been funded by Google to work for 3 months during the summer on CERN open source software projects. The projects involved are related to ROOT, the Geant simulation frameworks and CERNVM, which are developed by the PH-SFT group, and SixTrack, a numerical accelerator simulation software, developed in the Beams department.

First public release of the Virtual Atom Smasher

by Panos Charitos

In May 2015, the first public release was made of Virtual Atom Smasher, an educational game platform that was developed by a partnership between CERN and Citizen Cyberlab.

CERN 60: Public Computing Challenge

by Panos Charitos

 A new web-based volunteer computing platform  was launched in the framework of CERN’s 60th anniversary, allowing volunteers to simulating events from the experiments 

SFT Activities during 2014

by John Harvey

The SFT team has worked closely throughout the year with software experts to prepare the software used for analysis and data processing.

2014 Google Summer of Code students present their projects

by John Apostolakis & Lorenzo Moneta on behalf of the SFT GSoC mentors

The CERN PH/SFT group participated for a fourth year in the Google Suumer of Code

A two-day workshop was held at CERN to discuss a new initiative for establishing a collaboration that would foster the further development of scientific software packages for use in HEP experiments worldwide.

First beta release of ROOT 6

by Fons Rademakers for the ROOT team

The first beta release of ROOT 6 has been released while a large number of challenges are still lying ahead.

The new Geant4 release 10.0

by Gabriele Cosmo, Vladimir Ivantchenko & Alberto Ribon

The new 2013 release of Geant4 introduces many new features in different areas, including geometry modelling as well as electromagnetic and hadronic physics.

Geant4: A powerful tool for Medical Applications

by Panos Charitos

Geant4, a powerful simulation toolkit developed for High Energy Physics studies, today finds many applications in medical physics.