CERN Accelerating science

SoFTware development for experiments group

This summer, PH/SFT group took part in the Google Summer of Code programme for the third year in succession. Open to students from all over the world, this programme leads to very successful collaborations for open source software projects.

SFT group participation in EPLANET project

by Panos Charitos

In 2012 SFT organised two visits by SFT staff members to Larin-America in order to develop a series of tutorials and give basic training in concurrent programming.

Exploring the ROOT(s)

Interview with René BRUN

by Panos Charitos

René BRUN talks about the difficulties and the rewarding moments of a long-established carreer at CERN and shares his thoughts with the new generation of software developers. 

A new iOS Application that brings CERN news and information on your iPad or iPhone has been developed following a joint effort between the SFT and EDU groups.

C++ and CERN

by Axel Naumann

C++ moves to C++11 and CERN participates in the standardization process. The next committee meeting will take place from 15-20 April in Bristol and a special computing seminar will be organiced at CERN on April 4. 

Google Summer of Code

In 2013, CERN will apply to participate in Google Summer of Code, a global program designed to introduce students to the world of open source software development.CERN provides a stimulating environment. 

Addressing the challenges of the new CPU architecture

The Concurrency Forum at CERN

by Panos Charitos

The forum was setup at the start of 2012 in an attempt to share knowledge among interested parties (major laboratories and experiment collaborations) that should work together to develop 'demonstrators' and agree minimally on technology so that they can share code and compare results.