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Re-discovering the Higgs boson in the Cloud

by Clemens Lange (CMS, CERN)

A collaborative effort between the ATLAS and CMS experiments with CERN's IT department enables rediscovering the Higgs boson within minutes using publicly available datasets and new computing tools.  

RECAST: A framework for reinterpreting physics searches at the LHC

by Lukas Heinrich (ATLAS, CERN)

The ATLAS collaboration recently published their first paper using RECAST; a novel framework for data and analysis preservation that enable future re-interpretation of collected data and broadening experimental searches for new physics. 

CMS Open data in use

by Kati Lassila-Perini (Helsinki Institute of Physics)

Following the last release of CMS open data in July and five years after the first release, through CERN's Open Data portal, it is time to reflect on the impact that these data have created.