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Upgrading the LHCb trigger system

by Dorothea vom Bruch (LPNHE/CNRS), Vladimir Vava Gligorov (LPNHE/CNRS) , Alex Pearce (CERN), Sascha Stahl (CERN)

In the next run of the LHC (Run 3) the upgraded LHCb experiment will operate at a factor of five times the luminosty of the first run. The LHCb trigger upgrade will enable parallel processing of 40 Tb/s: one of the biggest data challenges in HEP.

ATLAS trigger system meets the challenges of Run 2

by Stefania Xella (University of Copenhagen), Jiri Masik (University of Manchester) for the ATLAS collaboration

The ATLAS trigger system allowed the efficient and stable collection of a rich data sample from the previous runs of the LHC.

ALICE trigger system: Present and Future

by Orlando Villalobos Baillie (University of Birmingham) for the ALICE Collaboration

Interesting physics signatures in heavy-ion collisions are either very general or very difficult to discern from the background thus posing special challenges for the ALICE trigger system. 

Trigger strategies for the LHCb experiment

by Michel De Cian (EPFL), Agnieszka Dziurda (IFJ PAN), Conor Fitzpatrick (CERN), Vladimir Gligorov (CNRS/LPNHE), Sascha Stahl (CERN)

Discussing the architecture and performance of the LHCb experiment trigger system that opened a wider physics potential for the LHC experiment. 

CMS Trigger: Lessons from LHC Run 2

by Alex Tapper (Imperial College London)

RPC Trigger CrateThe CMS trigger outperformed during Run 2, efficiently recording data for the CMS versatile physics programme