CERN Accelerating science

Static analysis: software analyzes software

by Filip Bártek

How did you decide to apply for the programme?

I attended a lecture introducing university students in Prague to CERN student programmes including the Summer Student Programme. I had heard some rumours about CERN and it seemed very interesting from them so I applied for the programme.

What is your background? 

I've studied computer science for about four years and I've spent five months working as a software engineer in a rather large company. I had very limited experience with physics beyond high school level before I came here.

Tell us a few words about your project.

I'm working in the PH-SFT group which is responsible for some of the software tools used in physics research in CERN. My assignment consists mainly of implementing a static analysis tool with focus at thread safety. That means that I'm creating a software tool that will be used for finding insecure parts of other software projects.
Me and my supervisor use the work management system JIRA to keep track of the advancements and deficits in the work done on the project.

Is your experience so far close to what you were expecting?

The biggest surprise so far struck me at the first summer student party in Pump Room. I realized that many of my colleagues apparently enjoy the same kind of entertainment my high school classmates used to.
My expectations were very general and the reality so far has been mostly in accord with them.

Did you have time to travel during your stay at CERN?

I haven't travelled outside the immediate surroundings (Geneva, St. Genis and some villages around) so far.

A table tennis in Geneva

From my time as a summer student at CERN I will certainly remember...

Some exceptionally strong and adorable persons I have recognized among the summer students.