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CMS experiment

ATLAS and CMS collaborations presented over summer their latest results from Higgs boson decays to second generation fermions with LHC's Run 2 data.

The GEMs of CMS

by Archana Sharma (Project Manager CMS Muon GEM Upgrade, CERN)

CMS experiment plans to upgrade its muon system during LS2 using Gas Electron Multiplies (GEM) technology.

The Higgs boson as a probe for new physics

by Toyoko Orimoto (Northeastern University)

Persistent tensions in the Standard Model of particle physics compel us to seek out new physics at the TeV scale, and the Higgs boson provides us with a potential portal.

CMS Trigger: Lessons from LHC Run 2

by Alex Tapper (Imperial College London)

RPC Trigger CrateThe CMS trigger outperformed during Run 2, efficiently recording data for the CMS versatile physics programme

The CMS beam pipe will be replaced in LS2, with one that will allow the extremities of the future pixel detectors to get even closer to the interaction point. 

CMS upgrade plans for LS2

by Panos Charitos

In order to achieve the full benefit of the HL-LHC, CMS has launched an intensive R&D programme along with major work on key infrastructures during LS2.

HL-LHC computational challenge for ATLAS and CMS experiments

by Tommaso Boccali (INFN and CERN) Davide Costanzo (Sheffield U and CERN)

Discussing the computing models and future resource needs for ATLAS and CMS experiments and the possibilities opened up by quantum computing.

Higgs boson observed decaying to bottom quarks

by Panagiotis Charitos

Last month, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations jointly announced the discovery of the Higgs boson decaying into a matter-antimatter pair of bottom quarks.

Developing new electronics for the CMS tracking system

by Panos Charitos. Kostas Kloukinas

An ongoing R&D programme aims to tackle the challenges of tracking and identifying new particles with the CMS detector in the challenging environment of HL-LHC. 

Axion-like particle searches at the LHC

by Andrea Thamm, Tom Melia, Panos Charitos

An overview of LHC searches for Axion-like particles (ALPs) both at proton-proton and heavy-ion collisions.