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A discussion with Professor Stefan Söldner-Rembold, co-spokesperson of the DUNE collaboration, on the main particle physics questions from a neutrino perspective, the birth of DUNE and the next steps of the collaboration.

ProtoDUNE gets ready for first tests at CERN

by Panos Charitos

Testing the ProdoDUNE-SP prototype detector at CERN is a crucial milestone for the DUNE experiment.

BabyMIND records first muon tracks

by Etam Noah

The Baby MIND muon spectrometer has started recording its first muon tracks from neutrino interactions at J-PARC since 10th March

Baby MIND born at CERN

by Etam Noah Messomo

Prototype for Magnetised Iron Neutrino Detector (MIND) developed at CERN to measure muons produced in neutrino interactions in the WAGASCI detector, Japan.

Bring on the DUNE detectors

by Roberto Acciarri