CERN Accelerating science

Summer Students 2019

Minjae Kwon

My name is Minjae Kwon from South Korea, in detail, Busan and Masan, the south part. The work I envolved was analysis some data during the upgrade of detector setup in the ALICE Experiment.

Stephan Kunne

Kehang Bai

Angèle Taillard

Hi all, My name is Angèle Taillard, and I somehow got selected for this incredible experience. Well in fact, I didn't know it would be THAT great. I was completely overwhelmed by work at uni when I received the mail, but I read a "Congratulations !" with a CERN adress and took me a while to understand that I had been accepted.

Genevieve Hayes

My experience as a CERN summer student has been nothing short of incredible. The CERN atmosphere thrives on diversity, curiosity and creativity which was certainly embodied by the students and staff I met throughout the program. I began my summer at UBC in Canada where I joined the ATLAS collaboration and built neural networks for improved top quark tagging. Because of their exceptionally large mass and short decay time, top quarks may hold insights into the Standard Model and beyond.

Abdullatif Rashdan

Hi there! I am Abdullatif Rashdan from Bahrain. I am a senior student majoring in computer engineering at University of Bahrain. Being selected for this program and going through the entire experiment was the best experience I have ever had. The amount of fun we had this summer is unbelievable. It was my first time visiting Europe, new continent with so many things to do. Once I arrived in Geneva, I felt it. Everything was saying welcome in its own way!. The Alps, Geneva lake and of course, the iconic place that I spent the most wonderful quality time in CERN.

Hobbs Willett

My story starts, long forgotten in the corner of a study room, where i find a pile of CERN summer project bookmarks. This is the only way i know such a thing even exists! My project was in using Spack for package management for experiment software stacks. I learned to like it through black comedy, the laughter from shared suffering (look up "how to make package managers cry" on YouTube).

Eissa Alnasrallah

Judita Beinortaite

A genuinely international community, a meaningful project and a chance to contribute to one of the biggest physics experiments in the world - I am thrilled to have been a part of this! And I could not be more grateful to my country for having recently become an associate member state at CERN, which has given me an opportunity to experience the best in the world of physics.

My name is Lars Bathe-Peters and I am a Master's student from Germany. I am very grateful that I got the chance to participate in the CERN Summer School. By being here I have learned a lot socially and academically, so I was very happy to be a selected candidate.