CERN Accelerating science

Ann Njeri

I just finished my MSc in Nuclear Science at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. My summer project involved making a safety file for the new EP-CMX-GEM Laboratory and preparing an online safety course for the lab based on the safety file.

The construction of the new GEM facility required a complete review and update of various safety features such as the smoke detection system, emergency exits, extinguishers, and other specific items such as the identification of radiation zones. The main objective was to create a general safety file including the identification of all possible hazards, risk evaluation and actions taken to minimize or suppress all risks in the research laboratory. The safety file report will inform visitors of the potential risks and hazards present in the laboratory and the necessary precautions. The file was submitted to the CERN safety department for final approval and the Online safety course sent to the SIR. In the future, this Course will be added to the CERN official online training center and will be mandatory in order to access the laboratory.

Besides attending the very diverse summer lectures throughout July and the summer project, I also got to travel around Europe, Switzerland and explore Geneva to the fullest. I got an opportunity to mingle and interact with other summer students from all around the world and make new friends around the globe. My best friend for the summer was Khawla Jaffel from Tunisia! The diversity at CERN is amazing. Everybody was so helpful and welcoming and my supervisor was the coolest ever. I had the summer of my life and I would encourage everyone to apply to the program.

Getting accepted for the NMS program was a dream come true and the opportunity to work at the mighty CERN was something beyond my wildest imagination. I am still in disbelief, two weeks after the end of the program. Apparently I am the first NMS student from my country Kenya, and I feel honoured and blessed. Thank you NMS. Thank you CERN.