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PH-DT presents its 2013 annual report

by Mar Capeans Garrido

The PH/DT group has published its Annual Report where key activities throughout 2013 are described as well as a wider description of how the group is organized and interacts with the experimental community.

The PH Detector Technology (DT) group is involved in the development, construction, qualification and operation of particle detector systems and infrastructure for CERN experiments; it also provides unique infrastructures and expertise for detector R&D.

In 2013 DT has been engaged in an extensive program supporting the consolidation and maintenance work for LHC detectors and their experimental infrastructures during the long shutdown (LS1). Examples of common services provided to all experiments are the general maintenance of the magnet controls, upgrades of all detector gas systems, and the construction of low mass, CO2-based cooling systems for ATLAS and CMS.

Mechanical and engineering support to CLOUD, AEgIS, NA62 and CAST, where DT staff plays important coordination roles, has also been an important part of the work. A notable example is NA62, where DT also contributes to the full design and construction of several detector systems.

Generic R&D on detector technologies has been complemented with new expertise on micro-technologies for the development of novel types of detectors and as an alternative approach to on-detector services, such as cooling. Ultra-thin silicon micro-channels have been selected in 2013 for the thermal management of the NA62 GigaTracKer pixel detector and for the major upgrade of the LHCb Velo in LS2.

Another highlight was the PH-DT visit point during the CERN Open Days in September 2013. Visitors had the chance to talk to experts about the different stages of particle detector construction and spin-off applications.

The report can be found here.



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