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  • Dear Colleagues, dear Members of the EP Department and CERN Users,

    In this edition of the EP newsletter you will find a collection of interesting articles from all across the department. Apart from the articles giving some insights in ongoing upgrade work of the LHC experiments you will also find news from the large number of smaller experiments at CERN.


Interviews & Features

  • In the next run of the LHC (Run 3) the upgraded LHCb experiment will operate at a factor of five times the luminosty of the first run. The LHCb trigger upgrade will enable parallel processing of 40 Tb/s: one of the biggest data challenges in HEP.

  • As searches for long-lived particles attract more attention, different exprimental approaches and novel theoretical ideas emerge to guide future searches at the LHC and beyond.


  • A collaborative effort between the ATLAS and CMS experiments with CERN's IT department enables rediscovering the Higgs boson within minutes using publicly available datasets and new computing tools.  

  • Following the last release of CMS open data in July and five years after the first release, through CERN's Open Data portal, it is time to reflect on the impact that these data have created.


  • Presenting an open-source data management system for organizing, monitoring and accessing large volumes of distributed data. 


News from the experiments

Special Feature

  • 70 years ago, in September 1949, Richard Feynman introduced the so-called Feynman diagramms; a representation of various interactions between fundamental particles allowing the calculation of interaction probabilities. Where do we stand today with these calculations? 

  • The Physics Briefing Book of the 2020 EPSSU describes the main experimental goals in particle physics and proposes a bold, diverse and bright experimental programme to tackle them. 

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