CERN Accelerating science

Abdullatif Rashdan

Hi there! I am Abdullatif Rashdan from Bahrain. I am a senior student majoring in computer engineering at University of Bahrain. Being selected for this program and going through the entire experiment was the best experience I have ever had. The amount of fun we had this summer is unbelievable. It was my first time visiting Europe, new continent with so many things to do. Once I arrived in Geneva, I felt it. Everything was saying welcome in its own way!. The Alps, Geneva lake and of course, the iconic place that I spent the most wonderful quality time in CERN. From the beginning of the journey we received a warm welcoming from the summer student team, got our tasks and received our ID's.

Yes now it is real, we are associated member of staff and I can't describe how awesome is this. From the wonderful working environment which has a big range of flexibility to the great facilities. Although CERN is a special place with all of its gigantic detectors and huge infrastructures, but what makes this experience special is the people you get to meet here. Scientists and Engineers from different specialties willing to answer your questions, and welcoming you as a summer curious student. Furthermore, CERN summer student are quality students from all around the world gathered in one place.

The amount of fun, from hanging out in R1 to exploring Europe together in amazing trips during the weekends. Ultimately, this is the best summer I have ever had. This memory will stay in my mind for years. Thanks CERN for this great adventure.