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CERN History Days - 1 February 2018

It has been over 20 years since the original CERN History Project concluded. That initiative produced three excellent volumes of CERN history spanning the period from the 1940s to the end of the 1970s. CERN History Days is a new initiative in order to relaunch the Project.

Τhe first day of the workshop will be devoted to sharing experiences from the past CERN History Project, as well as from similar projects at other High-Energy Physics Laboratories.

The Workshop will provide a platform for historians and philosophers of science, scientists and science communicators to discuss their previous experience in recording the history of the laboratory as well as lessons from similar projects at other laboratories around the world. Moreover, the participants will address the challenges of this project related to the rising complexity of the experiments, the theoretical developments and the growth of larger and international collaborations.

Participants of the workshop will seek to share their experiences and best practices of their work to record the history of the laboratory along with developments in the field of high-energy physics and the shifting international landscape. Further, discussions will include practical suggestions on how issues like collaboration and diversity and the emerging field of digital humanities could form this project.

The main conclusions of the Conference will be reflected and incorporated into a CERN Yellow Report, to be considered and adopted by CERN’s Director of International Relations and by the CERN Council.

CERN Members of the Personnel are invited to attend Day 1-Open Symposium of the CERN History Days and get insights from eminent experts on the history and philosophy of science from around the world.

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