CERN Accelerating science

Eissa Alnasrallah

The first time I heard of CERN was 2012 when a colleague of mine went for the summer program. It happened to be the year they announce the Higgs Boson discovery.Since then, it became my dream to join CERN's summer program but it was never the right time, I always had something that kept me from applying, and at some point I thought it was over as my career took a different path. However, my Master's supervisor earlier this year asked me to apply and I was like I don't know... eventually I did it and applied and I got in!! CERN's summer program is one of the best experiences

I have ever had. It was exactly as I imagined and better. The whole atmosphere, the experiments, the people, the science,... everything was breathtaking. I used to sometimes ask myself "why am I doing physics?"! After coming to CERN, I now know the answer very well.