CERN Accelerating science

Hobbs Willett

My story starts, long forgotten in the corner of a study room, where i find a pile of CERN summer project bookmarks. This is the only way i know such a thing even exists! My project was in using Spack for package management for experiment software stacks. I learned to like it through black comedy, the laughter from shared suffering (look up "how to make package managers cry" on YouTube). If you are reading this, you probably should have installed Spack during your project. My supervisor was great, we swiftly 'clicked' and started to talk about whatever, my second was more practical, but we appreciated each other. The department secretariat and I made friends, she let me practice my awful french with her, which I had decided I would make an effort to learn.

I learned a lot from Geneva: Being inspired by the museums; meeting a friend who lives there; using good public transport for once (oh UK I love you but come on); meeting swiss to learn some french and going to every single charity shop in the city. Every single one. Oh and the flea market in Lausanne, I am cheap can you tell? I ran a D&D group for my time there, with absolutely wonderful fellow summer students, who in a way made my time there. I tried to see every detector cavern, ALICE being my favourite, because it was wide open when i saw it. The cutest detector. I did go a little bit insane, eating at R1 for three meals a day, being able to see my office from my room and vice versa, living a life within a 100m radius. Luckily for the last two weeks i was staying in Thoiry, and got to cycle into CERN each day through the beautiful swiss/french countryside. Oh, and I started having dreams of using the command line!