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TEDxCERN is back!

What are the big ideas in science that will help us address tomorrow’s major global challenges? Hosted by Brian Cox (Manchester and ATLAS), TEDxCERN will bring together inspirational speakers from around the world who have ideas worth sharing.

The theme for 2014 is ‘Forward: Charting the Future with Science’. The speakers range from experts in future medicine and wireless technology innovators in rainforest conservation to developers of food and energy resources, educators in mathematics and science, and young talents breaking new ground.

The event, on 24 September, will be held at CERN but there is a unique opportunity for labs, universities and other organisations to take part; you can build your own event around the live feed from CERN and engage with your community about science and STEM subjects.

More information is available on the TEDxCERN website.


The artice appeared in the last issue of UK news from CERN.