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A word from the EP Department Head - September 2022

Dear Colleagues in EP,

The world has changed following the invasion of the Ukraine by the Russian Federation and the unfolding events have also affected CERN, given the international nature of modern scientific collaborations. The upcoming winter might become tough in Europe due to the energy shortage expected. Also, CERN has to assume its social responsibility and as a consequence it was decided to stop this year’s running of the accelerators two weeks earlier in order to reduce energy consumption during the most critical period. Compared to the suffering of people in Ukraine, I believe this is a small sacrifice.

On July 4th the main auditorium was again fully packed with colleagues during a one day symposium celebrating the discovery of the Higgs Boson, exactly 10 years after the announcement in the very same location. This edition of the EP newsletter contains several articles, interviews and a special feature on the occasion of this anniversary. In these articles renowned theorists and experimentalists remember crucial moments from the times leading to the discovery and also provide a look ahead. No matter if you were already part of this endeavour or you joined after, you will enjoy reading the articles.

Another anniversary is also subject of an article: the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) on the International Space Station has been in continuous operation over the past 10 years. AMS is not only a CERN recognized experiment, but the control centre is also located at CERN Prévessin, with many AMS members being Users attached to the EP department.

In other interesting articles you will learn how the LHCb experiment contributes to a better understanding of the cosmic antimatter production or how the complex ASICs for the CMS Outer Tracker are tested in our Department Silicon Facility. Also in this newsletter EP-DT is announcing their annual report for 2021. Every year the EP-DT group produces an overview of their many projects. If you are interested in the activities of the largest group in EP you will find it in there.

Finally, let me remind you that scrolling down the newspaper page you will find the new staff members and fellows who have joined our department recently introducing themselves.

Enjoy reading the new issue of our newsletter!