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A word from the Head of the EP department - June 2019

Dear Colleagues, dear Members of the EP Department and CERN Users,

It is a pleasure to introduce this edition of the EP newsletter. Once again the newsletter contains many articles covering the broad spectrum of activities in our department. You will find articles on physics, technology developments, new experiment proposals and interesting interviews. We are in the middle of the Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics, with intense discussions on the future of CERN and Particle Physics in Europe in general. The discussions are not only about the next large collider at CERN but also about smaller experiments making use of the existing accelerator infrastructure at CERN. This edition of the newsletter brings to you several articles on proposals for such experiments.

If you are a regular reader of the EP newsletter you may remember a number of previous articles describing the application of Micro Pattern Gas Detectors. This time you will read about the relocation of the Micro Pattern workshop to its new building 107. In this new home with more space and modern equipment we can expect that further R&D will provide the experiments with new improved technology. Did you know that we now have a new experiment at the LHC? If not, please read the article about FASER. The experiment was approved in the Research Board in March and the construction has started, to take first physics data as early as 2021.

When this newsletter is published the summer season will start soon and many of you will leave for holidays. I would like to wish you an enjoyable and relaxing time with your family. This break is well deserved by you all!

Manfred Krammer

EP Department Head