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LS2 upgrades

Do opposites attract? ALPHA-g prepares to explore antimatter gravity

Stuff falls down. This is the universal experience we all have with the gravitational interaction of matter on Earth. Yet one may still wonder if this holds true in the case of the most elusive stuff you can imagine dropping: antimatter. Might it be…

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CMS restarts and continues working under Covid-19 conditions

One of the major objectives of CMS for LS2 is an early phase-2 electronics upgrade of the Cathode Strip Chambers (CSC), located on all three endcap disks, and the installation of one layer of triple Gas Electron Multiplier Chambers (GEM) on the…

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ATLAS New Small Wheel Upgrade – activities resumed after down-time from COVID-19

 As discussed in a previous issue of the EP Newsletter (The ATLAS New Small Upgrade – entering new waters, preparing to install and commission its first sector, October 2019), the New Small Wheel (NSW) Upgrade is the most challenging and complex one…

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