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ALPHA publishes first measurements of quantum effects in antimatter

The ALPHA collaboration at CERN has reported the first measurements of fine structure effects and Lamb shift in the energy structure of antihydrogen that provide another test of comparison between antimatter and ordinary matter. The results,…

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PUMA: Exploring exotic nuclear phenomena with antimatter

PUMA is a new experiment proposed at both the CERN AD and ISOLDE facilities, that would for the first time transport antiprotons trapped at AD/ELENA to ISOLDE, by carrying them in a trap loaded onto a truck. The antiprotons would then be used for…

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First positrons for GBAR

At the CERN Antimatter Factory, antihydrogen atoms are produced routinely by merging antiprotons and positrons. In order to control this process, it is necessary to reduce the energy of those particles, i.e. decelerate them to the lowest possible…

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