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Update on the ECFA Roadmap for R&D on Detector Technologies

It was reported in the previous edition of the EP Newsletter (1) that the European Strategy for Particle Physics Update (EPPSU (2) recommended that “Organised by ECFA, a roadmap should be developed by the community to balance the detector R&D…

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A voice from Early-Career Researchers

Any post-LHC collider, starting operations around late 2030s, would be an inter-generational project and thus it is vital to include the voices of young researchers in the decision making process. Studies planning for a next-generation collider…

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Investing in detector technologies

Detector technologies are a vital component in the exploration of the fundamental laws of nature and the search for new physics that will answer some of the questions that the Standard Model leaves unanswered. Recognizing the importance of further R…

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