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A word from the EP Department Head - December 2020

Dear Colleagues in EP,

Welcome to this winter edition and final EP newsletter of this year.

What a year turns to its end! 2020 is a year we will never forget. Following a smooth start to the year, in March everything turned upside down and since then we are in the grip of the pandemic. But it is so typical for CERN and the ingenuity and dedication of its personnel, that we have found ways to continue working despite the huge difficulties. And even though we had to delay the restart of LHC to the beginning of 2022, we could define a new baseline schedule which does not compromise the goals of Run 3 and does not require a shift of LS3.

Articles in this newsletter cover two important milestones achieved in 2020, the installation of the new GEM chambers in CMS and the installation of the new TPC of ALICE. You will also find articles on proposed new non-LHC experiments: the fixed-target experiment AMBER, and PUMA, an experiment which intends to tap antiprotons from the AD and to bring them by truck to ISOLDE for a series of new and unique measurements. I hope you will also find the special feature interesting: an analysis exploring the parameter space for the search for right-handed neutrinos and a second article on how these right-handed neutrinos might explain the baryon asymmetry in the universe. Please take your time and enjoy reading this edition of our newsletter.

On a personal note I am very happy to tell you that in its last session of the year CERN Council has reappointed me for a second term as EP Department Head. I am very proud to have the opportunity to continue working for another 5 years with all the fantastic colleagues in EP.

The year 2020 was very exhausting for all of us and the Covid crisis is not over yet, we may still face some difficult months to come. I hope you can find some calm moments during the Christmas break to recharge your batteries and most important stay healthy. I wish you and your families Happy Holidays, and a Peaceful and Successful New Year!

Manfred Krammer

EP Department Head