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HIKE collaboration targets a new era of kaon experiments

The recently proposed High Intensity Kaon Experiments (HIKE) project offers a long-term vision for a research programme at CERN, covering experimental searches in the kaon sector that could enable a new generation of searches and indirectly probe…

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Transforming NA62

The main goal of the NA62 experiment, located in CERNs North Area, is to precisely measure the K+→π+νν̅  branching fraction, which is highly sensitive to new physics processes. The analysis of data collected during 2016-2018 led to the most…

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NA62 experiment at CERN reports first evidence for ultra-rare process sensitive to new physics

The CERN NA62 collaboration presented at the ICHEP 2020 conference the first significant experimental evidence for the ultra-rare decay of the charged kaon into a charged pion and two neutrinos (K+ -> π+νν). The decay process is very sensitive to…

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NA62 experiment presents new results

The NA62 experiment presented the latest result on the search for the ultra-rare kaon decay K+ → π+νν ̄ using 2017 data at the KAON2019 Conference, at the Physics in Collision Conference and during a recent CERN's EP Seminar…

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Exotic searches with NA62 experiment

The NA62 experiment at CERN focuses in the study of kaon physics; a branch of physics that has been one of the major protagonists of the field in the second half of the twentieth century, as it played a key role in the development of the Standard…

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The RICH detector of the NA62 experiment

The NA62 experiment is focused on precision tests of the Standard Model by studies of rare decays of charged kaons since only for few kaon decays there is a precise theoretical prediction. One of these exceptions is the very rare decay K+→…

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