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The installation of the beam pipe at the heart of the CMS experiment

After several years of complex design, manufacture and planning, the CMS collaboration, in tight cooperation with experts of the CERN Technology Department-Vacuum, Surfaces, and Coating group, have been installing the new heart of the detector, the…

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ATLAS experiment revamps activities

  ATLAS entered the COVID-19 lock down on the 17th of March 2020; the closing of  the activities was very fast and efficient. During the lock down, still many activities were performed remotely, among them the development of the firmware for two of…

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ATLAS NSW Upgrade: preparing installation and commission of its first sector

The New Small Wheel (NSW) Upgrade it the most complex and challenging Phase-1 Upgrade project of ATLAS. As all the other upgrade projects for the LHC experiments, the goal is to meet the challenges of the High-Luminosity LHC era and to cope with the…

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