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Preparing the future of the Physics Beyond Colliders (PBC) studies

The Physics Beyond Colliders (PBC) study [1] was launched in 2016 by the CERN Management to explore the possibilities of exploiting the full potential of CERN's accelerator complex via projects complementary to collider experiments. Following calls…

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Exploring dark sector with NA64: First results from the combined analysis of 2016-2018 runs

Searches for dark matter (DM) particles, an essential experimental goal for particle physics, are entering in an interesting stage. Despite the strong astrophysical evidence for dark matter, little is still known about the origin and dynamics of…

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MUonE experiment plans to shed light on the muon anomalous magnetic moment

The long-standing discrepancy between the experimental value and the Standard Model (SM) prediction of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon remains one of fundamental parameters in Quantum Field Theory that still lacks an explanation. The…

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Searching for new physics with hadrons and muons at SPS

CERN is not only home to the LHC but provides a diverse physics programme using the LHC injector complex including the PS and the SPS that deliver a range of high-energy beams to a number of experiments. In order to fully exploit the scientific…

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FASER joins the exploration for new physics

On March 5th the CERN Research Board approved the ForwArd Search ExpeRiment (FASER), for installation at the LHC during Long Shutdown 2. FASER is an experiment designed to broaden the search for new physics at the LHC, by looking for light, weakly-…

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