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Closing the gap between beam dump and colliders ALPs searches with NA64

The axion was postulated to provide a solution to the "strong CP" problem. This pseudo-scalar particle emerges as a consequence of the breaking of the Peccei-Quinn (PQ) symmetry [1,2,3] (link to EP article on Axions). Typically, models of QCD axions…

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Exploring dark sector with NA64: First results from the combined analysis of 2016-2018 runs

Searches for dark matter (DM) particles, an essential experimental goal for particle physics, are entering in an interesting stage. Despite the strong astrophysical evidence for dark matter, little is still known about the origin and dynamics of…

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Exploring the dark sector with NA64

The field of dark matter (DM) particle physics is at an interesting stage, as key discoveries are anticipated. However, despite the intensive direct, indirect and LHC searches, the experiments have not yet yielded unambiguous Dark Matter (DM)…

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