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quantum computing

CERN launches Quantum Technology Initiative

CERN has recently launched its Quantum Technology Initiative (QTI) to coordinate its contribution in the rapidly advancing landscape of quantum technologies and coordinate activities with other global players in the field. We discussed with Michael…

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Interview with Peter Shor

Peter Shor has carried out pioneering work in combinatorial analysis and the theory of quantum computing. He received worldwide recognition in 1994 when he presented a computational method for "factoring large numbers" which, theoretically, could be…

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HL-LHC computational challenge for ATLAS and CMS experiments

The two general purpose LHC Experiments, ATLAS [1] and CMS [2], are going to be confronted with challenging experimental conditions at the High Luminosity LHC Run (HL-LHC), starting in 2026. In particular, computing systems will have to cope with…

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