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AWAKE gears up for its Second Run

CERN’s Long Shutdown 2 (LS2) proved an excellent opportunity for the Advanced Wakefield (AWAKE) experiment to consolidate its plans and prepare for its second run following the successful results from Run 1. We met with Giovanni Zevi Della Porta,…

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AWAKE achieves first ever acceleration of electrons in a proton-driven plasma wave

In a paper published in Nature, the AWAKE collaboration at CERN reports the first ever successful acceleration of electrons using a wave generated by protons zipping through a plasma. The acceleration obtained over a given distance is already…

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AWAKE, an accelerator R&D experiment.

AWAKE is an accelerator R&D experiment. In the coming years the AWAKE experiment should pave the way to understanding the physics and potential of proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration for future accelerators. Over the last fifty years,…

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