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Deciphering the Electro-Weak Phase Transition at Current and Future Colliders

Over the past century, a whole zoo of particles has been discovered and their interactions have been investigated. This led to a puzzling mystery; on the one hand we discovered a property of Nature, known as electro-weak symmetry, which gave a…

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Interview with Andrei Linde

Andrei Linde is Harold Trap Friis Professor of Physics at Stanford University and one of the most influential cosmologists of our time. Linde is one of the authors of the inflationary universe scenario, which is gradually becoming the standard…

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Interview with James Peebles

An interview with Jim Peebles, one of the world's foremost cosmologists and an emeritus professor at Princeton University, where since 1984 he was the Albert Einstein Professor of Science. Together with Robert Dicke (who was originally his…

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Neutrino properties from cosmology

Cosmology  has entered the precision era: we now have a standard model for cosmology where the content, history and evolution of the Universe are described by few parameters. These parameters are constrained by observations at the percent level or…

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