CERN Accelerating science

Future colliders

Higgs boson and the quest for new physics

The discovery of a new particle in 2012 by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN was just the beginning in understanding the properties of this particle and its potential link to some of the most pressing fundamental questions in modern physics.…

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FCC software workshops and hands-on tutorials

In October 2019, the first FCC Software Workshop and Hands-on Tutorial was held at CERN by the EP-SFT group in collaboration with the FCC study coordination group. Following its success a second edition was held during the last FCC physics workshop…

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A voice from Early-Career Researchers

Any post-LHC collider, starting operations around late 2030s, would be an inter-generational project and thus it is vital to include the voices of young researchers in the decision making process. Studies planning for a next-generation collider…

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Shaping the future of particle physics

*/ /*-->*/ Τhe ongoing update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics aims to identify the potential opportunities and challenges of the proposed research programme through an inclusive and evidence-driven process. Discussions focus on the…

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