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New precise measurements of CP violation and mixing in beauty and charm decays at LHCb

In 1928, a young Paul Dirac wrote one of the most spectacular papers of modern physics when he successfully unified two distinct theories, quantum mechanics and special relativity. What arose from his equations was a prediction of a new form of…

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LHCb in the hunt of tetraquarks

In 2003, the Belle collaboration reported the observation of an unexpected new particle, showing up in the mass spectrum of J/ψ π π candidated. Its mass was somewhat close to the value expected for the yet unobserved χc1(2P) charmonium, but its…

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LHCb observes CP violation in charm

*/ /*-->*/ We live in a Universe of matter, which is a good thing but poses a problem: We know that in the Big Bang initially as much matter as antimatter was produced, and that the antimatter somehow disappeared. How this happened is one of the…

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