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SND@LHC gears up for data taking

The last fifteen months have been a full-fledged race against the clock for the SND@LHC Collaboration. The experiment was approved by the Research Board in March 2021 with the goal of taking data in Run 3 of the LHC. The Collaboration has had to…

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Designing the SND@LHC experiment

SND@LHC is a newly proposed, compact and stand-alone experiment to perform measurements with neutrinos produced at the LHC in a hitherto unexplored pseudo-rapidity range of 7.2 < 𝜂 < 8.6, complementary to all the other experiments at the…

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ProtoDUNE sees first particle tracks

Introduction The CERN Neutrino Platform was installed in 2014 following the recommendation of the European Strategy Group for CERN to engage in the worldwide experimental neutrino program. The platform engaged from the start in the future Deep…

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Bring on the DUNE detectors

DUNE (Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment) is an international experiment pushing the frontiers of neutrino science and proton decay in the next two decades. The experiment will use the world's most intense neutrino beam from Fermilab’s Long-…

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Neutrino properties from cosmology

Cosmology  has entered the precision era: we now have a standard model for cosmology where the content, history and evolution of the Universe are described by few parameters. These parameters are constrained by observations at the percent level…

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