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CMS Upgrade

Progress towards a new calorimeter concept for the upgrade of CMS

Over two years ago we wondered if a new era for calorimetry was starting [1]. Compelled by the results reported in the Technical Design Report (TDR) of the High Granularity Calorimeter (HGCAL) for the upgrade of the CMS detector in Phase-2 of the…

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Successful installation of the CMS Pixel Tracker

In early 2019 the CMS Phase-1 Pixel detector was extracted from the underground cavern after successful completion of the LHC Run 2 data taking campaign. Its sub-detectors, the Barrel Pixel (BPIX) and Forward Pixel (FPIX) detectors, were stored cool…

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The installation of the beam pipe at the heart of the CMS experiment

After several years of complex design, manufacture and planning, the CMS collaboration, in tight cooperation with experts of the CERN Technology Department-Vacuum, Surfaces, and Coating group, have been installing the new heart of the detector, the…

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CMS restarts and continues working under Covid-19 conditions

One of the major objectives of CMS for LS2 is an early phase-2 electronics upgrade of the Cathode Strip Chambers (CSC), located on all three endcap disks, and the installation of one layer of triple Gas Electron Multiplier Chambers (GEM) on the…

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