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What is the W boson mass trying to tell us?

Introduction In April this year the CDF collaboration shocked the particle physics world with a new measurement of the mass of the W boson particle [1], with a precision better than all previous results combined, and a value of the W mass higher…

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LHC takes on the SMEFT challenge

The quest for new physics at the LHC is entering a new phase: the experiments are designing new strategies to target potential deviations from the Standard Model (SM) predictions in a systematic way, to complement the traditional “bump hunts” and,…

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ATLAS faces the challenge of Run 3

The ATLAS experiment is a general-purpose particle detector operating at the LHC. It consists of several concentric layers of particle detectors occupying a cylindrical volume 46m long and 25m in diameter. The innermost detectors reconstruct the…

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CMS experiment prepares for Run 3

The CMS experiment is one of the four large experiments at the LHC and a detailed description of the detector's inner and outer layers can be found here. The detector successfully operated with LHC collisions since 2010 leading to the Higgs boson…

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LHCb experiment looks forward

The LHCb detector provides unique precision coverage of the forward region at the LHC, enabling world-leading studies of flavour physics and more. The collaboration is currently installing the first major upgrade of the detector. This upgrade will…

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Higgs physics at future colliders

In her article, Caterina Vernieri, reviews the potential of proposed future colliders to study the Higgs boson and further explore the electroweak sector beyond the LHC following her presentation on the Higgs 2020 conference. Caterina, is a member…

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